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WANTED: Cute, Sleek, Warm Workout Gear for Alaska!

10 Jul

Wanted – Cute, sleek, warm workout gear to keep this active girl warm yet still cute in the weather of Alaska – can you help direct me to that place?

I am looking for a place with affordable, cute workout gear! I am stuck here in a place where online is my best friend – IF they ship to Alaska. I have found that there is plenty of warm weather outdoor gear – but not all of it is conducive to running and being active!

Typical temperature around here is seeming in the 50-low 60 range (nothing past 61 from what I can tell!) and I have clothes for 80 degree and higher weather. I know that cotton is not what I want – so that is where I will begin!

I want sleek and light weight because obviously I don’t want to be  weighed down!  Nothing bulky, but room for keys, pepper spray, and a phone. I want to be warm and not worry about over heating. Can I have pants that will keep me warm but not make me look obscene in the crotch region? 

Something other than white, black, or gray would be fantastic since those are the three colors most found up here. White goes for fresh snow, gray goes for the 2-3 day old snow, and black for week old snow 🙂

If you can help me find a place that will ship to Alaska, have cute and functional purpose, keep me warm and cute colors – Please let me know!!!

What’s New Wednesday #6

21 Mar

Not much. No, really – not much  new as we are back to work this week!  I am enjoying being back on a schedule, but I am also realizing how much time I don’t have anymore to do the things I have to and want to.  I have more and more free time at work – which bums me out.  The days drag a bit and I think of the things I could be doing instead.

On the upside – all this time at work allows me to research budget ideas, money-saving ideas, activity ideas, summer ideas, and ways to visit family on the cheap (most likely not going to happen this year).

I am hoping that my book reading will continue as I am loving this.  I have ideas for girl time once a week and family time and such.  See what happens when I have tim on my hands???

Spring Break #2, Half of #5, #13, #15, and #20

13 Mar

So Monday was a great start to my week! I work up and make Nick’s coffee at 5 and then proceeded to go back to bed until 8 🙂

I took the girls to daycare and then started to check off my list!

#2 – I went snowboarding with my friend Jessicca at Hillburg Ski Area on base…I love it! I only fell the last time so I was pretty proud!

Half of #5 – I wanted to clean the whole house but really only got bathrooms, the floors, and the kitchen done…I will try to finish later this week.

#13 – Try some of my DIY pins on Pintrest.  This was fun for me!  You can go to my boards to get the recipes – but they are very earth friendly and easy and work!!! I made a toy cleaner, tub cleaner (best I have ever used), and floor cleaner!

#15 – Have lunch with Nick – We visited Firetap Brew House – Besides having really slow service and they were not packed and were good!

#20 – Eat lunch with a friend – I actually got to do it with two friends (the Stanhope’s rock) and my best friend Nick….nothing better!

I am looking forward to tomorrow as today made me feel really great! SO MUCH SUN AND FUN!

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