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Thankful Thursday #9

14 Jun

Thankful for my FitFluential family that is so supportive and there to help out at any time to answer a question.

Thankful for the motivation for reaching my goals from friends I know and those I have never met.

Thankful for the power to go on when the weather outside is saying no, because I have to blog about it!

Thankful for the chance to review and show off new brands and ones that I love!

Thankful that I know that no matter what I try today, I will be better at tomorrow.

Thankful for the chance.

Thankful that I believe in myself enough that in a moment of doubt I can tel myself “I CAN DO THIS” and believe it.

Thankful for the people who have been placed in my life.

Thankful for a body that is still ticking after eight and a half years of abuse as a gymnast.

Thankful that I still continue to show that I am strong and I make the rules.



May – I Am Glad You Are Over….

1 Jun


I drank some soda – but for the most part did really well in avoiding you!

I did great with not letting my dishes sit around – until yesterday and Nick pointed it out for me too…gee thanks hun 😉

I burned on the blogging regularly just due to some personal issues.

I wrote letters – but for some reason I still have them…um, hello? What good is that?

Choose to be happier. It worked for a little while.

My baby turned 5 and went to day-camp for the first time ever. So sad my big girls is growing up.

I tried camping in Alaska….screw that. I not decided that there must be no wind and weather above 60 degrees.

Today it was 58 degrees and I still had on a sweater and a jacket. Hello? How is this okay?

Space A flights out of Alaska were going 45 minutes from my parents house…$1500 to get back us just not affordable. I had a mental breakdown and cried for the first time. I really cried.  Nick just hugged me too and didn’t make fun of me. I love him.

Space A is flying into Pope AFB on June 2nd…..makes me sad again. I need to stop looking. I will never make out of Alaska alive.

I need a better outlet.

CrossFit is looking like more of an option as long as I can find it for free on base 🙂 I may need to work a deal with Nick to watch the kids more for me so I can get out frustrations of this place and become sane again.

My friends Petra, Tiffany, Marci, and Kelly all had babies. I do not get to hold one of them. And they are all baby girls. Not Fair.

I could really use some prayer right now if you can’t tell. I am becoming a bitter person and I don’t like it.

Here is to making some new June goals for myself. Some that will maybe find me some happiness. I need it.

I think my pity party is done for now.

I have some good news about a product review that will be coming your way – from me…This I am excited for!

My girls start their new preschool/daycare on Monday – this I am excited for. The fact that one month costs more than one of my paychecks (and I only get two a month) makes me sick though.

I played decent at our softball game on Wednesday – I was happy 🙂

I need a new hobby – ideas???

Nick is fishing – I can’t wait to eat fresh halibut.

Well May….so long – June – Welcome!


Thankful Thursday #8

3 May

So I have had so many things to be thankful for this last week and a half and I know that it is only going to get better!  I am so thankful for the many opportunities that have been presented to me and that will continue to come my way.

FitFluential has presented some opportunities to me and has encouraged me in so many new ways in just a matter of a couple of days.  Listening to the feedback of these ladies and men, and the constant motivation is unreal.  This is how it should be – everyone pushing towards one goal, not trying to prevail on top.  I am thankful for this support system.

Team In Training has also been an organization that I am talking with to get help with my goal of a half marathon this year.  I can help them fundraise and they will help me get there. We are all working towards a common goal of finding a cure and being the best we can be in the present state. I dig that.  I also am hoping to reveal some info after this weekend about what I have decided as my final goal and how you can help me get there! I am thankful for people who continue to give for the betterment of others.

Girls on the Run is an organization that helps young girls find self acceptance and self-love and provides them with the tools to be strong women and encourage them with running.  I get to be a “buddy” to one of the girls on a run coming up in a couple of weeks. I love to motivate people and I think this will be even more fun to do it for someone who will eventually grow up to give back as well.  We are not just waiting on my background check and the final okay – this shouldn’t take long as my check will be a blank sheet of paper.

Team Tough Chik – here I come! I bought my package and am waiting for May 16th to come and allow me to get the finalization of my membership. So fun! And yes, that is really I have to say about that right now. I am thankful that there are companies like this that help women athletes!

I hope that you will consider looking into these companies and that way you can really see what there is to be thankful for!


Thankful Thursday #7

5 Apr

Today I am thankful for Google Chat.

Yes it is simple – but it is true. I get to have a “Good Morning Molly!” almost everyday from my friend Martha who is already on the downhill climb of her day when I am just starting mine.

She gets to send me awful YouTube clips about unicorns and nights that lights went out in Georgia or somewhere else down south 😉

We get to converse about things that are going on, things we need prayer for, or things that we just feel like telling a friend because only we will get it – Petra and Karyn, who are not Google Chat, would totally get it – but again – AHEM – they are not on Google Chat. Yet.

The other day I got to talk to a co-worker of mine from a previous job about the great things he is doing. He was recently on Morning Express with Robin Meade doing a “Salute to the Troops” as part of Soldier’s Angels. Good stuff – check them out and also check out Nick’s company – RangerUp.com – they are awesome. You might need to understand the military to really get some of it. Along with his awesome volunteer work with SA – he also sells t-shirts, makes hysterical videos, and also make videos about helping veterans getting a job.  They play hard and work hard.  The best.

I do get to chat with my co-workers about people who have just walked in the door about things they may need to know – they need to fill out form A, they are looking for their scholarship, they are crazy, hand them a mint, they are confused about financial aid – please help! Yes – those are real chats sometimes! We never say anything that is confidential or completely mean, but who doesn’t like a heads up when someone can go from calm to crazy with the mention of the word “loans” – um – me please!

The best thing I have to say is talking to Martha – she makes me smile through some rough mornings.

You got Google Chat??

What is the simple thing you love?


Thankful Thursday #6

29 Mar

I am most recently thankful for my libraries.  Yes – plural. I use both the library on JBER (Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson) and the library in the Municipality of Anchorage. Each library has some things the other can’t get so that is why I utilize both.  I kinda laughed at myself while chatting with my friend Martha today. I have gotten so lazy that I place a hold on all things I want from the library so I can jut run in and come out without killing hours at a time.  Doesn’t mean I still don’t do that occasionally – but not near as much as I used to.  Wait so is that being lazy or smart?

I am also thankful that I can check out DVD’s and CD’s from the library. Since I am trying to find ways to save more money than normal so I can eat better (Cassandra don’t say anything about the donuts I had this morning – oh wait) this really helps me.  I like to listen to one CD for like a week at a time and then I am good with just catching it on the radio.  This sure beats paying for it and then casting it to the side for the rest of eternity!

Fun Fact – Did you know that there are more libraries in the US than McDonald’s?

I am hoping to wrap up my 20 book challenge as a success – I have not updated my book list or my Goodreads.com account.  That i honestly suck at. Forgive me if you follow me!

I am also thankful that the library has story time every Saturday at 1:30 pm – they  have cool chairs that make the kids want to sit and listen. It also gives me a little bit of a break to sit and listen as well! Barnes and Noble also has a story time on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm where the kiddos can wear their pajamas while they listen. They actually call it “Pajamarama” which I find totally cool 🙂  These story times also give me a chance to get the kids out of the house so Nick can have quiet time to study.

Thankful Thursday #5

1 Mar

After having a moment of clarity with how I want my life to be (my negativity post HERE ) I have realized how important it is to have my Thankful Thursday posts!  Research shows that saying “thank you” for the good stuff in life makes for a happier, healthier you. And it makes those around you feel pretty darn good, too. I found a cool website Thankfulfor that is a cool thing and another place I can go to clear my head when I need to re-group.

Take a look!

It made me realize some little things that I am thankful for.

Seeing my girls wake-up each morning and smile at me.

Kissing Nick goodbye every morning so he knows I love him.

Going to a job I like.

Seeing the daylight hours get longer!

Talking with friends almost everyday even though we are miles apart.

Hearing how happy my sister finally is.

Finding new things that spark my interest.

Doing random acts of kindness.

For a couple of quiet hours in a day.

Celebrating birthdays!


Gods Grace.

My husband remembering the little things I mention.

What about you? What are the simple things that you are grateful for that you may have overlooked?


Thankful Thursday #4

16 Feb

Ahhhh….so many things to be thankful for today and everyday for that matter.

#1 I have met some really great people up here and some really not so great people.  It has made me realize that those who think everything is about them will always make it that way regardless if you weren’t even thinking of them when you post a status. You just learn that when start throwing daggers your way for no reason to say a prayer for them and wish them the best.

#2 I am so glad I have found Yoga and Pilates. I really enjoy the restful feeling it gives me. I will be trying more of these in the future once my checking account feels normal again.

#3 I am thankful for friend who encourage me alone every step of the awful way. I am trying to clean my eating habits and detoxing is so not a fun feeling.  I am taking it a little at a time. I started with Coffee and soda. That is the hardest thing for me. I have headaches, but I also have a cheering section. 🙂

#4 Roosters.

#5 My husband. He always remembers the random things I say that even I forget about. Example: A couple of weeks ago we were talking about things and I said I wanted one of those desk speaker things for me iPod. For Valentine’s day I got one. I did want one – but I forgot I had even mentioned it.  I love him for being so sweet and remembering things like that.

#6 My Daycare Professional Cassandra. 🙂  She sends me pictures throughout the day and updates of the randomness my children bring to a day. I love it. It means so much to me 🙂


Thankful Thursday #2

3 Nov

Family Time. I am so thankful that I have been able to find a job that is closer to home to give me more time with my kids. I am also thankful that in the last year or so Nick has started to really carve out some time to just spend and enjoy with us. We were both so career minded before that when kids came in the picture it was an adjustment. More so for Nick than me as he was gone the first 9 months of Abby’s life due to deployment #4 or #5 – I honestly don’t remember.

Any how – I am loving the family time as it bring us lots of laughs and fun.

Last year I went shopping the day after Halloween for some good deals on school goody bags. I always try to scoop everything up for next year then. With two kids in school and 20+ kids in each class – clearance is the way to go!  I got some goodies for class for $0.25 to $0.75 each – Score! Before Halloween some of these things were $2-$3!!! That adds up fast!

I also was able to score some Halloween stepping-stones that were originally $8 for $0.75 each – this is what we did for a couple of nights of family!  We had to make them, let them dry, and then paint them. It was  a lot of fun!

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