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Some Good – Some Still Pondering…GNC Taste Test #2

29 Jun

So my remaining two taste tests on the protein shakes that were provided to me by GNC (opinions totally my own) were the 100% Egg Protein and the Vega Sport. 

I must say that they Pro-Performance 100% Egg Protein is my absolute favorite!  It was a very light tasting and feeling shake. I think some can be heavy and this one was perfect for the morning or a snack!

Unlike dairy based proteins it is naturally lactose free and much easier to digest!  One serving provides the quality protein found in 4 eggs but with much less fat and cholesterol!  This is a great one and has been added into my weekly routine.

The Vega Sport is my least favorite – and my first introduction to the Vegan lifestyle.  Maybe my taste buds were not ready? It smelled great, but had a taste/texture that did not match the anticipation. I talked with GNC and they have allowed me to pass this on to a friend who is Vegan and I am waiting on her report back. I just felt like I was not able to give a great response on the flavor – but I can tell you some facts!

It is a complete multi-source, alkaline-forming, plant-based protein blend. It is formulated to improve strength and exercise performance, repair and build muscles,a nd reduce recovery time between training.  This comes from the SaviSeed protein which is a rich, plant-based source of the amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan is a key component in serotonin production which helps with the mental aspect of recovery!!! Totally awesome but just not the taste I want.

I also tried mixing with just water and just milk, but I just can’t do it!

Stay tuned as I have decided on a regimen of the Egg Protein, Whey Protein, and the Caesin. I am going to be testing that out for the next month or so and I will let you know how I feel and what I have found from it!!

Playlist Thursday: Women Empowerment

28 Jun

So – I have some new friends I have made through this blogging world and #FitFluential and they have some really cool and fun things they do! Wordless Wednesday from yesterday was one of those examples!

Pavement Runner does Playlist Thursday and today I joined with the theme of Women Empowerment. Now because it is women empowerment – but because we were invited and I thought – well heck yes! I don’t have to think of a blog title them! 🙂

Here is the format:

Something Old: These will be songs that are at least 5 years old. I know that isn’t too long to be considered old, but music turnover happens quickly.

Something Current: These will be songs that have been released within the past year. I know, but you have to give me some leeway here.
Something to Consider: These will be songs that are not typically heard on the radio and may be by artists you’ve never heard of or considered running to. This is the wild card category, can be old or current.

Here is my list 🙂

Something Old: You had to know some Britney was going to show up here! Circa 2003

Something Current: So this is just outside of a year by a month – but I am using it because I love the cadence in it!!

Something to Consider: Since my kids watch a ton of kid shows – this is why I know this song 🙂

I loved this and I thank you dearly Pavement Runner for inviting us to join! Please hop on over to see what everyone else has to offer!

Wordless Wednesday #1

27 Jun

Abby – 5

Ryley – 3

Motivating Monday #3

25 Jun

5 Things….#1

23 Jun

So I am going to start a new segment on my blog called 5 Things. It is going to topple anything and everything. It can be 5 things I am loving, hating, using, reading – whatever!!!  Have an idea for me? Give it to me….I will use it! I have asked a friend to make a cute button for me to use so that fun will be yet to come!

This week I am going to give you 5 Things I am doing currently.

#1 – I started a new class in school about Ethics – I think it is going to be awesome as this is something that is used every single day!

#2 – Protein Powders – I was selected by GNC to try out 5 (yes 5!) protein powders….the taste test is almost done and then next week I put them into an actual routine to see how well they work for me! You can check out my first post HERE

#3 – Anxiety – I am dealing with it. It has become more present since we moved up here to Alaska, but recently it has gotten 10 times worse. I finally went to the doctor on Friday and was happy when instead of just giving me meds and shooing me on my merry way, he took a round of labs to check all my levels and such to see if there wasn’t something actually wrong. I have a follow-up planned for two weeks so we will see what happens then. He also gave me a low dose of Zoloft so that I can deal (of course after it takes effect in 7-10 days).  I am just hoping that this will make it so that I can breathe and deal. This one isn’t a fun one, but it is something I have going on. Ha – No Picture for this one 🙂

#4 – Marathon Weight Loss Challenge – Oh yeah, that is right. Over at we are having a competition!  You can see the actually details HERE but essentially, there is power in numbers and I need motivation and accountability just like the next person – so why not? I think Jess is flat-out awesome #1, and she is a fellow Tough Chick like me. Take a look at her blog – you will love her too.

#5 – I am making things happen – I have really decided that fitness is a priority and have been lucky enough to join up with a couple different groups that are motivating and inspiring. I love that I have this, but am really needing to step up my game to take it to the next level.  Watch out for me…I am going to be one to watch 🙂

So tell me – what are 5 things you are doing right now? What are some topics you want to see me cover in 5 Things?

GNC Taste Test Thursday

21 Jun

So I have been picked to review 5 different protein powders for GNC! I am so excited as I had just started to research more about them! This week I have been tasting and giving each one more than one test to make sure I am being fair.

I Received Whey Powder, Casein, Egg, Soy, and Vega! Holy Heavens was I a happy girl when this showed up at my door!

So far this week I have tested the Pro-Performance 100% Whey Protein, Pro-Performance Soy Protein 95, and Pro-Performance 100% Casein.

Pro-Performance 100% Whey Protein – fast absorbing and mostly used before or after workouts. Many people use these for breakfast to restore muscles after sleeping. the protein is easy to mix and let me tell you so far this Vanilla flavor is the best! I have mixed it with fruit as I am not a plain type of person and it has been delicious each time!


Pro-Performance Soy Protein 95 – the only complete plant-based protein and includes all the essential amino acids including BCAA – leucine, isoleucine, and valine.  Very important – this is made from certified non-GMO (genetically modified) soybeans that are being produced while being tightly monitored and controlled from planting through processing. So far this has been the only one to really upset my stomach. I was cramping the next morning, but am going to wait until the weekend to try this one again and see if the protein is actually what did it.

Pro-Performance 100% Casein – slow digesting protein derives from milk. This one is taken at night due to the amount of time that is needed for the absorption to take place. The delayed digestion and absorption may be beneficial between meals or in the evening to provide the steady supply of muscle fuel that is crucial to maintaining an anti-catabolic state and significantly decrease protein breakdown.  This one I made and it seemed to be thicker than the rest – I think I need to add more milk? (I mix them all with milk as water makes them all taste gross in my opinion).  We will see – I gave this one to my husband and he liked it a ton.

**This one is perfect for him as he is Army and works out early mornings and doesn’t like to take anything before the workout – so an evening shake works well with his schedule. Also since he is on the go all day log, the slow absorption helps him all day long!

Come back next week as I taste two more – 100% Egg Protein and Vega! I will also start to put them into a routine as I find what works best for me and keep you updated as to how this is helping my training!

I can tell you that after taking these proteins most of the week I am already noticing less soreness!

Do you take protein or any other types of supplements? If so – what and why?

Please don’t forget to visit them on Twitter @GNCLiveWell and let them know that I sent ya!

What’s New Wednesday #10

20 Jun

No time to work out you say …. Shapoopie! (Yes I like The Music Man)

There is always time to fit it in – it is just if you are willing!

  • Watch TV? Commercials are a perfect time to fit it in! Or you could just watch less TV – yeah, I said it!
  • Get up 15-30 minutes earlier. Doesn’t seem like much bunch you get there you will not stop – I promise!
  • Fold laundry at the dryer and do squats of any kind to pick out one piece at a time
  • While you are in the kitchen instead of starting into the fridge out of boredom eating…do leg lifts! Front, side, and behind – your tush will thank you and so will your stomach
  • Calf raises while doing dishes or brushing your teeth
  • Throw in some jumping jacks before you get into the shower
  • Take the stairs
  • Walk the long way and throw in some lunges (who care if people stare!)
  • Have someone you know hold you accountable!
  • Do crunches while waiting on your popcorn to pop!
  • Plank while your kids brush their teeth – should be 2 minutes! You can do it!

These are just some quick ways to get it done and throw it in…as you can see you can literally fit it in anywhere!  I think that you can do it if you think through it!!!


Motivating Monday #2

18 Jun

You CAN Do It

How About A Vlog????

17 Jun

So. Much. To. Do.

16 Jun

I have an 8-10 page paper to start and finish before Monday night. That is about 3 pages a day. That means I have to start Saturday. Dang.

I have to get my fitness plan for the week set in writing tomorrow. That way I can plan everything else around it.

I am going to attempt my first half marathon this coming weekend. $65 – Lord help me. I may end up walking some – but I will complete it with a smile 🙂

I have a 5K and a 10K to complete this week. Am I crazy?

I am woman and I make the rules – I will rock this week regardless of anything else.

I got my first products to review – GNC protein powders – more of this coming in full force next week.  You just wait as I am totally excited.

My iPhone should be here with Saturday’s mail run. I. Cannot. Wait.

Instagram will be slammed with photos from me tomorrow. Be prepared.

I have requested some blog buttons from a friend (Ahem Martha and Petra you are on my list too) for some fun segments I have running around in my head.

I have read a lot of blog posts about making dreams come true. I will make mine come true. This weekend I will figure out how to start.

Sunday is Father’s Day and Nick and my Dad tie for the best ever.  Nick is soo good to our girls and my Daddy is the best. Period. Blank. Underline. The End.

What are you up to this weekend and coming week?


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