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Flash Friday

16 Nov

Man this week has gone way to fast for me – Not sure about you! It seems like it was just Monday!

On Tuesday night my husband told me we were actually going to attend his military ball that I was told we would not be going to. It is tonight. I had to borrow shoes, Nick is going to perform surgery on my dress (he is a medic and will be stiching it – HA!), I will be doing my own hair, and I will wear gloves to disquise my out grown nails that need attention.

Wednesday Abby had her Awana Grand Prix – lots of tears over no trophy – but I think she will get over it just fine. Ryley gets to pick a matchbox car and run her Grand Prix next week. Hopefully she will do a little better! (yes my kid is wierd and rocked camo boots, courderoy skinny pants, and a flourescent pink shirt with her red vest, sigh)

Thursday was kind of relaxing and I tried to read a couple books and ended ups tuck on the Laura Bush book I had purchased of $4 at Barnes & Noble. I need to read more books to myself as the Bible is great and the kids books are good – but I want somthing a little different

Today is Friday – Hopefully an opportunity is still available and I will hear good news.

I do have some exciting news starting next week and through the rest of this year and on – I have been picked for two new blogging opportunities on different sites – one starting next week and one starting January.  I have some review opportunities that are FANTASTIC and I can’t wait to share them as well.  You are going to love this stuff I know it!

I cannot wait for you all to share in on the fun and awesomeness I have to share and It all starts next week!!! WAHOO!

What do you have new going on?

Do you have an Etsy shop – please leave the link in the comments below!

Snowy Saturday

13 Oct

So….it is Saturday and it is snowing…yes – snowing. I still don’t think I am ready for another winter up here since it will actually be a full winter.  Oh, well I guess….I don’t really have much of a choice. So I am kind of reflecting here and am going to share some random thoughts….so get ready.

  • Dale Earnhardt Jr has a concussion and is out for 2 races and has ended his championship run in NASCAR. I am redneck and I love me some racing.
  • I am sad because they are racing in Charlotte today and I can’t go like I used to.
  • Reba has a new show on TV – she cracks me up.
  • I want Mexican food so I sent hubby a text message and he so graciously agreed. I think he just knows he needs to agree when I am very specific with a text message that states “I want cheese enchiladas.”
  • We had dinner with friends last night whom the hubby just got back from Afghanistan. I love it when they come home.
  • I want on post housing and I can’t wait for our lease to be up – the new houses are so nice!
  • Zumba is on schedule for next week and I couldn’t be happier.
  • I have not heard a word about Penn State football since the first game – such a shame that the players get punished in it all.
  • Iowa beat Michigan State? Man they need a new quarterback.
  • I completely enjoyed watching college football with my hubby on the couch this morning
  • My oldest kid is a brat.
  • John Deere has a new faster ATV – part of me still wishes I work there. I miss it and the people and my dealers. I miss them bunches.
  • I love Duck Dynasty – hysterical fun.
  • Willie is dumb and irritating to me though.
  • Quarter Horse Congress is going on in Ohio right now….as a matter of fact it is freestyle reining tonight and my parents are there. I am extremely  jealous.
  • I miss my rodeo days.
  • I miss the days of Tiffany, TJ, and Matt driving us around being the fun adult in charge.
  • I need a new haircut but I don’t trust anyone in this state the scissors. I need Kenneth’s Day Spa to fly a stylist up here. Pronto.
  • My friends at TNT are racing the Nike Women’s Marathon tomorrow – I was supposed to be there until Ritterbeck #3 came around. I wish them nothing but the best of luck. Go Get ’em!
  • I am thinking about posting more recipes – it is the time to start hibernating since I don’t like cold.
  • Notre Dame wins!
  • Let’s Go Yankees!
  • Ryley is playing with an Etch a Sketch – how fun 🙂
  • I hate that Facebook has emoticons.
  • I want to tan so bad right now – but obvious reasons won’t allow it.
  • I have two new books to start and I can’t wait!
  • I have one week off until school starts back up. Yippee!
  • I still want to go see Pitch Perfect – but will probably have to wait until it hits the $3.50 theater.
  • I love Squirt….so yummy – reminds me of summers in Traer, Iowa.
  • I hope South Carolina beats LSU.
  • Phones and text messages work both ways.
  • I am getting hungry – looks like it might be time to eat Mexican soon.
  • Tomorrow I get to check out Kids church – I hope it is fun and I like it enough to participate or know enough to say no.
  • Ryley just choose a PureBar over Gushers – I am one proud momma.
  • Kent St beat Army – wow.
  • Can you tell I love college football?
  • ECU won – yeah!
  • Akron lost – sorry Tressel – you were better a Buckeye, too bad you had knucklehead players.

My Giveaway winners will be announced on Monday – get your comments in!

So now I have a couple questions that I am hoping you all can help me with! Please comment away!

  • Is there a program I can easily use to do a “photo dump” onto a blog post?
  • Do you like recipes that are fast and friendly versus just healthy?
  • Got a Pinterest project you love? Let me know about it and I will try it! I am going to start getting my craft back on!
  • I still am in need of some more topics to cover! Let me have them!

Did You Know?

10 Oct

I have two giveaways going on? I do! One on my blog from last Friday and one on my blog from last Friday! Yes – two different chances to win! You can do it!!!

Nothing much in the land of Alasla except tonight is my last class night – so get ready for the excitement to start!!!!

I have some upcomign guest posts and some pregnant Zumba videos coming your way!

I am curious though – who has some more good read they can recommend my way?

Here is a flashabck for me and I thought I would share – my Ryley bug thinking she was cold in NC – boy were we wrong!

Um, Hello?

8 Oct

So none of my posts from the weekend posted! You will see a bum rush of posts coming up since I did have them written! I also did not get to vlog on Saturday due to being at a work retreat in the woods and yesterday I got a fun video from church that I couldn’t get to upload all day!  I am hoping you all saw my Sleep Pink post from earlier and there was a vlog to go with it!  This will see some good stuff folks – and don’t forget to enter both giveaways from Friday both on the vlog and blog each!!!!

Talk Tuesday

2 Oct

Lets be real today folks.  I have some anger and here is what it is about today:

I really am tired of complainers – make it happen – just do it.

I hate when things get changed but no one knows how to actually make the process of the change work.

I get angry when people will down you but they are doing the exact same thing you are. Do they realize this?

I don’t like people who think they are so much cooler than me – but actually I am just more secure about myself than they are.

I get tired of explaining the same thing to people over and over again. If it didn’t click after the second time – write it down folks.

I hate trying to figure out how to run and someone watches you and tells you what type of shoe to get and it turns out you just spent a ton of money on insoles that work and shoes that do not.

I am not really an angry person – ignorant people make me this way.

I hate that Zumba Certification does not come to Alaska more often.

I am really wishing time would go faster – just the next year and a half anyways….I miss the lower 48 states.

Where are the workout clothes for pregnant chicks? I am waiting!

Okay – that is all for now…what really irritates you today? Let it out because I feel 10 times better already!

Now That’s What I Call Wind!

5 Sep

We had wind at over 140 mph.


Now back to your regular programming….including me making lunch since we are all home!

Totally Not As I Planned

14 Aug

Hey guys – today was supposed to be about something else – but I am just not feeling it today. Have you ever had those days? I am feeling really distracted and honestly it is only 6:20 am. I am not quite sure what it is – but something has to change. I am not talking like my eating, my exercise, my motivation…….it is what I do that needs to change. I am not going into detail as that is never okay.

I am on the starting point of Team Beach Body and I love the motivation and encouragement being a coach brings. I love to push people to be their best, but also be there to sit and listen when they need it. I love the programs that are offered as there is one for everyone – you just have to find it!  Shakeology is a product that can taken while pregnant – hello – how awesome is that? It tells me that product is okay for my family to be ingesting.

I am trying to find my brand. I am a mom who loves her kids and wants to encourage them to the best they can be. I am a mom-to-be who is excited to add another to our family, but not quite sure how to continue forward. Do I still work with the minimal amount of money that will actually be brought home? Or do we give up lots of things to make it work with me at home?

I guess this is the time to “shit or get off the pot” – I need to make dreams reality. I know I have posted about this in passing in the past. After a couple conversations yesterday – I really think I need to get this going. I cannot do anything without doing something.

I need some help or advice on where to go or what to do…I am open for comments!!!


What have you done in tough decisions – get to it, nothing? 

What did you do to get going?

Freelance work….how do you get started?

Moms – what do you do to make it work?

#fitVeda Day 3!!!

3 Aug

This was the most random of random – sorry for the strange light and the randomness!!

Please don’t forgot to scroll down – so much to see from this week!

#MonkeyMat from Wednesday

#ReadMissionPossible from Thursday

Guest Blog on Pavement Runner’s Blog today (Link next post down)

PLUS my Vlogs!!!!!

*****The Link Is Not Posting – SOOO IRRITATING! – so just go HERE*****


Check Me Out – But Not Here :)

3 Aug

I am so honored and blessed to be a guest blogger today over at a blog that is owned by a man they call Pavement Runner.

(Yes – please click on his name to get there)

Thank you for the opportunity as it truly means the world to me!!!

#MonkeyMat Mania!

31 Jul

Hey folks – just wanted to give you a quick heads up that #FitFluential will be hosting a Twitter Chat tomorrow at 12:30 EST for the awesome folks at MonkeyMat – You will love this product if you do lots of summer fun activities!  I will be providing you some pictures and my experience on Thursday so please – Come on Back now – ya hear? 🙂

If you want some info now – please head over to FitFluential and get their review in your head for the chat and I will post mine tomorrow before the chat!

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